It would not be difficult to come up with 1,000 movies worth watching or 1,000 prose novels worth reading, but there are those who would scoff at the idea that there are 1,000 truly great graphic novels.  This is my attempt to prove those hypothetical people I just made up very, very wrong.


The major problem is that I have not personally read 1,000 graphic novels, much less 1,000 great ones.  (I'm in the mid 800s at the moment - not all of them included - as my obsessive list-making habits clearly show.)  What I've assembled here is a proposed list covering the broad sweep of the graphic novel medium.  For my inclusion of Big Nate, I could just as easily substitute Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  For P. Craig Russel's adaptation of The Magic Flute, I could instead use Salome or Parsifal or I Pagliacci.  For The Sixth Gun, I could swap in Mind Mgmt  (in fact there's a ton of serial work left off the list, me preferring to feature individual graphic novels).  This is an exercise, and from time to time, I'll update it with new books and new preference

You can plow through the entire list starting at Hall of Fame below and just keep clicking "Next".  If you want to know the creative teams for these books, those are included above in "The Whole Bloody LIst" where I list them in the page alphabetized by genre.  They are listed alphabetically by last name broken down into four categories - cartoonists (writer/artists), writer only, artist only and editors of anthologies.


So, let's go


KEY TO THE LIST:     * (asterisk after title) = I have read and personally recommend this work

                                        (2) = Number of volumes available for the complete work

                                        (#) = There are an indefinite, or undefined number of volumes available
                                        Next = click this button to move to the next genre page

Start with the Hall of Fame below and walk through the list (they're in order with the video) or browse anywhere to your heart's content.

Horror Hall of Fame
Humor People Stories
For Teens Fantastic Worlds
For Kids Superheroes
Short Strips Action/Suspense
Search for Meaning Sick and Twisted
Historical Fiction Adaptations
International Love and Sex
Anthology Cutting Edge